State of Email Marketing in Online Retail in India 2014


  1. Email marketing stands out as the primary online marketing activity for eTail marketers at 31%, followed by Social Media Marketing and Search Marketing at 23% and Websites at 19% respectively.
  2. 46% of the respondents shared that a quarter to half of all their email marketing messages will be viewed on mobile devices in 2014. A further 42% was even more confident and chose the 50% to 75% option for the same.
  3. 15% of the survey respondents are looking to increase their budget by over 51% while 11% of marketers are looking at a minimum increase in budget (less than 5%).
  4. 27% of the eTail marketers have allocated upto 75% of their marketing budgets towards online marketing activities. At the same time, a slightly smaller group (at 15%) has allocated even more to take it up to 50% of the total marketing budget being ear marked for online activities.
  5. From the 85 eTailing websites analysed we found out that about 61% of them are following an easy Sign-up process to attract more new subscribers. Meanwhile 19% of the eTailing websites are following medium Sign-up process and 20% have a lengthy Sign-up process.
  6. 12% eTailers out of the 85% eTailing websites analysed have adopted the Double Opt-in process and the rest 88% are still using the Single Opt-in process.
  7. A good 42% of eTail marketers are sending out Programmatic emails. This clearly showcases that marketers have begun to realize its importance and are now more concerned about the shift in the marketplace.
  8. Shopping cart abandonment is an issue that is giving nightmares to all eTailing websites owners, but only 27% of the marketers have adopted the cart abandonment program and the rest 73% are still lacking.
State of Email Marketing: Retail Online in India

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