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Octane Research is the premier source of information and analysis on Digital Marketing in India. Octane Research has established itself as the definitive research authority in India on how marketers and consumers are engaging through digital channels like Social Media, Email Marketing, Search, Mobile, SMS and the Web.

By analyzing data from hundreds of sources and running into billions of touch points every year (in India alone), Octane Research provides rich insights and the perfect context for India marketers to move towards smart strategic planning, tactical decision-making and increasing business effectiveness for their digital campaigns.

Since its inception in 2011, Octane Research has reached out to 3000+ India Marketers for our research reports, putting in 1415+ human months worth of effort on analyzing data over the last 10 years. Our mission is to enable a level playing field for all marketers and consumers of a digital eco system built on transparency, fairness and independent analysis.

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Punit Modhgil, Chief Research Officer

Punit is deeply passionate about India, Internet and Inclusion. He has held senior marketing positions in leading technology brands like Microsoft, Oracle and NIIT to name a few. He leads the research efforts at Octane Research.

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/punitm

Annual Online Marketing Research Reports

Octane Research’s Annual Reports (State of online marketing in India etc.) drive comprehensive analyses which are tailored to meet the requirements of the India Marketer and provide them with insights to leverage multiple channels for consistent customer experience and engagement rich conversions.

The Annual State of Online Marketing research report is a one of a kind of ‘Voice of India Marketer’ report in India that tracks how India marketers forecast the next 12 months. Our research insights help India marketers in planning of their budgets & learn best practices towards a higher success on execution of digital marketing engagements. 10 years+ running, with a reach of over 2400 marketers across leading brands in India.

India Online Marketing Industry Research Reports

Octane’s Industry Reports are powerful and actionable business tools that collate in-depth strategic insights and analysis over the several sectors in India. This research platform will enable India marketers to track the performance and profitability of the industry they belong to.

As every industry has its own nuances, therefore Octane Industry Research collates the knowledge and awareness from the experienced industry specialists which helps the marketer to make sound strategic decisions and get positioning in the market place.

Our Research Methodology

A research is successful when it rightfully captures the true sentiments of the community and brings out insights that are both tangible and accurate. The purpose of Octane Research is to help India marketers & digital transformers take informed action.

Octane Research covers a very dynamic industry and hence keeping a tab on this ever changing space becomes a necessity. Till date we have reached to 3000+ marketers for our Annual Report with 1415+ man months used to create 9 Annual and 15 Industry reports. The types of responses cover a wide variety ranging from questionnaires, online surveys, telephonic interviews, and face to face interviews.

Our research team analyses feedback received from Founders, Directors, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Digital Officers or CDOs, Vice-Presidents (Marketing), General Managers (Marketing), Marketing Heads and Marketing Managers from various organizations across verticals; ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

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