Digital India 2017: Marketing Trends & Forecast


  1. Customer Acquisition and Engagement: Customer Acquisition is the primary marketing goal to be carried out in 2017 for a majority of India Marketers (63%). Social Media and Email delivered maximum customer engagement.
  2. Top Marketing Activities for 2017: Social Media Marketing (66%) tops the list of marketing activities being planned for 2017, followed closely by Email Marketing (56%) & Search Marketing (54%).
  3. Digital Marketing Investment and Budget: About 19% of marketing budget was allocated to Online Marketing activities by India Marketers. A quarter of India Marketers plan to increase their investment in Digital marketing activities by more than 21% in 2017.
  4. Digital Channel Delivering the Best ROI: Email Marketing (44%) was the best performing digital channel that delivered maximum ROI for each 1 rupee invested. This was followed closely by Facebook (36%).

Annual India Online Marketing Research Reports

Octane Research’s Annual Reports (State of e-Marketing India and State of Email Marketing) drives comprehensive analyses which are tailored to meet the requirements of the India Marketer and leverage them with multiple channels to aggregate customers and engagement rich conversions.

The Annual State of e-Marketing report is a one of a kind of ‘Voice of India Marketer’ report in India that talks about how India marketers forecast the next 12 months and built the competitive edge over the rapidly growing marketplace and help them in planning of their budgets with Digital1:1 marketing plans.  Annual State of Email Marketing report emphasizes only on Email Marketing trends in India.

India Online Marketing Industry Research Reports

Octane’s Industry Reports are powerful and actionable business tools that collate in-depth strategic insights and analysis over the several sectors in India. This research platform will enable India marketers to track the performance and profitability of the industry they belong to.

As every industry has its own nuances, therefore Octane Industry Research collates the knowledge and awareness from the experienced industry specialists which helps the marketer to make sound strategic decisions and get positioning in the market place.

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