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Octane Research is an India focused research advisory and services firm. Our research findings gives India marketers a competitive edge and helps them to forecast and align marketing plans as per the latest industry trends. We are committed in answering tough questions related to online marketing & digital transformation in India, by tracking, analyzing and understanding data from hundreds of sources into various consumer touch points every year and various industry research reports pertaining to India.

  • Strategic Services

    At Octane Research, we understand the importance of engagement with your community along with the power of algorithms. Your Digital Marketing needs the fuel of authentic data and insights driven narrative. If you are a CMO or CXO looking to create persuasive conversations with your communities, please do get in touch with us to learn more about our strategic services for custom industry research reports and papers.

  • Data Insights

    In the past Octane Research has reached out to 3000+ India Marketers for our research reports, putting in 1415+ human months worth of effort on analyzing data over the last 10 years. Most of our reports are in public domain and can be downloaded in the resources section of this website. Some reports are time sensitive and priced for a short duration to give early access to select few marketers.

  • Streaming Services

    Online live events have emerged as a pivotal engagement tool for marketers post Corona. We at Octane Research have the in-depth expertise to power up your webinars and online conferences. We have a unique Digital First speaker bureau which represents Top 20 digital professionals and 4 of the India’s best industry moderators (yes moderating is a professional skill). We can help you craft and curate some of the most memorable experiences for your audiences based on our industry insights and engagement experience. We deploy best of the breed live streaming platforms (Microsoft Meetings, Google Meet, Zoom, webex etc.) and the best of digital experts to deliver measurable high impact audience engagement edge to your marketing efforts.


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