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September 2014 Newsletter

Gmail decoded for India Marketers

From past one year Gmail has thrown in so many changes and it has been a roller coaster ride for all marketers. Before you are able to catch-up to one variation, another task is waiting for you to churn your brains.

August 2014 Newsletter

Google becomes more action packed

Google has done it again! Here comes Gmail’s ‘Action Buttons’. Gmail’s Action Buttons allows a user to take action on an email before opening it.

July 2014 Newsletter

RAI and Octane Retail e-Marketing Study 2014

Behavioural Targeting is the new feature on Octane Platform which allows marketers to send a new campaign on the basis of the past campaign’s subscriber behaviour.

June 2014 Newsletter

DMARC and Octane

To reduce phishing we at Octane have started practicing DMARC i.e. Domain-based Message Authentication Report and Conformance, that makes it impossible for users to see fake/fraudulent email from a brand’s domain name.

May 2014 Newsletter

Gmail Feedback Loop and Unsubscribe Link

Octane is doing a survey to analyse the effectiveness of Online Travel Agents (OTA) and understand the traveller’s path to purchase.

April 2014 Newsletter

Igniting Engagement now available for Free

We are thrilled to announce that our Annual India e-Marketing Research Report 2014 – Igniting Engagement is now available for free viewing (in HTML format) and download (in PDF format) from our website.

March 2014 Newsletter

CTR e-Tail 2014

After releasing two reports that covered the macroscopic view of the State of e-Marketing and Email Marketing in India as a whole, we went ahead further and analysed data which resulted in the creation of a more focused research report called ‘CTR eTail 2014 – State of Email Marketing in Retail Online in India’.


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