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  1. Digital Marketing Investment: 93% of marketers are planning to increase their Digital Marketing budget in 2019. Wherein, the primary marketing goal for 62% marketers will be customer acquisition.
  2. Content Marketing: Content Marketing dominated as an emerging trend around the globe. In 2018, 34% India marketers chose to invest the most in Content Marketing out of many other available channels. For the year 2019, Content Marketing is the no.1 investment area for India marketers.
  3. Local Language: Importance of ‘local language content’ is grabbing the attention of India marketers. With a 30% increase in votes since last year, local language initiatives are in the top 3 areas of investment.
  4. Measurement of Success: India marketers continue to find it difficult to attribute success accurately. The biggest hurdle in attribution as shared by marketers over the last two years is ‘technology limitations’.
  5. Future of Digital marketing: AI & Chatbots and Cross Channel Marketing are voted as the top 2 latest technologies that are changing the marketing scenario and will continue to do so in the future to improve the user experience as well as marketer’s ease of doing business.
  6. Crucial Skills of a Digital Marketer: To be a successful digital marketer, ‘the ability to embrace change’, ‘the ability to spot the right opportunities and ‘being passionate, curious and hungry to learn’ are the top 3 skills that marketers consider highly important in the present dynamic and competitive digital marketing scenario.
  7. Challenges in 2019: ‘Proving ROI on digital marketing activities’ remains the top challenge for India marketers.‘Justifying the revenue impact of high social media spends’, ‘Correct click attribution for effective measurement of digital channels’ emerges among the top 3 challenges for India marketers in 2019.
  8. Email Marketing: Email continues to be an effective channel for driving maximum ROI amongst all digital marketing channels. Surprisingly, only 35% email marketers are extremely confident whether they understand the data privacy laws governing email marketing.
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Annual India Online Marketing Research Reports

Octane Research’s Annual Reports (State of e-Marketing India and State of Email Marketing) drives comprehensive analyses which are tailored to meet the requirements of the India Marketer and leverage them with multiple channels to aggregate customers and engagement rich conversions.

The Annual State of e-Marketing report is a one of a kind of ‘Voice of India Marketer’ report in India that talks about how India marketers forecast the next 12 months and built the competitive edge over the rapidly growing marketplace and help them in planning of their budgets with Digital1:1 marketing plans.  Annual State of Email Marketing report emphasizes only on Email Marketing trends in India.

India Online Marketing Industry Research Reports

Octane’s Industry Reports are powerful and actionable business tools that collate in-depth strategic insights and analysis over the several sectors in India. This research platform will enable India marketers to track the performance and profitability of the industry they belong to.

As every industry has its own nuances, therefore Octane Industry Research collates the knowledge and awareness from the experienced industry specialists which helps the marketer to make sound strategic decisions and get positioning in the market place.

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