Online Marketing Research Trends Providing India Marketer with a competitive Edge

Octane Research is an India focused research advisory and services firm. Our research finding gives India marketer a competitive edge and helps them to forecast and align marketing plans as per the latest industry trends. We are committed in answering tough questions related to online marketing in India, by tracking, analyzing and understanding data from hundreds of sources into various consumer touch points every year and various industry research reports pertaining to India. In the past Octane Research has reached out to 2000+ India Marketers for our research reports, putting in 415+ man months worth of effort on analyzing data over the last five years.

Annual India Online Marketing Research Reports

Octane Research’s Annual Reports (State of e-Marketing India and State of Email Marketing) drives comprehensive analyses which are tailored to meet the requirements of the India Marketer and leverage them with multiple channels to aggregate customers and engagement rich conversions.

The Annual State of e-Marketing report is a one of a kind of ‘Voice of India Marketer’ report in India that talks about how India marketers forecast the next 12 months and built the competitive edge over the rapidly growing marketplace and help them in planning of their budgets with Digital1:1 marketing plans.  Annual State of Email Marketing report emphasizes only on Email Marketing trends in India.

India Online Marketing Industry Research Reports

Octane’s Industry Reports are powerful and actionable business tools that collate in-depth strategic insights and analysis over the several sectors in India. This research platform will enable India marketers to track the performance and profitability of the industry they belong to.

As every industry has its own nuances, therefore Octane Industry Research collates the knowledge and awareness from the experienced industry specialists which helps the marketer to make sound strategic decisions and get positioning in the market place.

Our Research Methodology

A research is successful when it captures the true sentiments of the marketers. The purpose of Octane Research is to help marketers take informed action.Octane research has a very dynamic space and hence keeping a tab on this space becomes a necessity. Till date we have reached to 2000+ marketers for our Annual Report with 415+ man months used to create 6 Annual and 5 Industry reports. The reports not only cover state of email marketing but also the state of e-Marketing in India.

The types of responses cover a wide variety ranging from questionnaires, online surveys, telephonic interviews, and face to face interviews. Our research team analysed feedback received from Founders, Directors, Chief Marketing Officers, Vice-Presidents (Marketing), General Managers (Marketing), Marketing Heads and Marketing Managers from various organisations across verticals; ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Our Partners

Our Partners