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Thank you for your interest in Octane’s Digital India Report 2018.
The report is in its 8th year and is just as relevant as ever.

Last year we aimed to analyze existing

digital technology trends

in India, understand challenges
and devise strategies enabling marketers to engage with evolving preferences of the
socio-global-mobile consumer.

This year marked the mainstreaming of progressive digital marketing technologies and a realization of a
momentous shift in the Indian economy opening up doors for a digital marketing surge in India
guaranteeing dividends.


digital marketing research report

builds on the insights gathered over the past year and information shared by over 350+ marketers across India. It provides recommendations and forecasts allowing for informed strategic decisions.

We have you covered

Know more about
  • What is the modern day digital marketing budget overview?
  • Which marketing channels generated a revenue impact on business?
  • Which are the preferred attribution models for calculating ROI ?
  • How does content marketing help marketers achieve their marketing goals?

What you will find?

The findings have been grouped into two broad sections showcasing:

Mindshare of Marketer

India Marketers take on various digital marketing initiatives along with a future outlook towards adoption of more progressive technologies

Digital Marketing Trends

Trending data on the evolution of digital marketing interactions and impact from 2011 to 2017 + 2018

Email Marketing Forecasts and Trends

A year on year benchmarking of the technology relevance journey of email as a medium of digital marketing


Suggestions for the future of Online Marketing in India

How did we do it?

The 2018 study of Octane Research’s Annual State of Online Marketing reached out to India Marketers via online
links, offline forms and face-to-face meetings along with collective collaboration with Industry Associations

Some of the Industries covered
  • IT
  • BFSI
  • E-commerce
  • Services & Consultancy
    Services &Consultancy
  • Telecom
  • Retail

Channels Covered

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  • Email Icon
  • Voice Icon
  • Search Icon
  • Social Icon
  • Content Icon
  • Bots Icon
  • Cross Channel Icon

Themes Covered

  • Overview of
    marketing investment
  • Channel wise
    ROI analysis
  • Outlook towards next gen
    marketing technologies
  • Challenges of a
    modern day marketer

Participant Profile

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